Gas Turbines

Many components processed at JAT are for power generating gas turbine engines utilized in factories, buildings and power plants.

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Gas Turbines

Bell Mouth An air intake component located at the front of a compressor
Compressor Blade A rotating blade of the compressor section
Vane A stationary vane of the compressor section
Disc A disc-shaped component with a lot of blade mounting slots
Liner Assembly A cylindrical assembly component for a combustor
Exhaust Assembly An assembly part for exhaust gas outlet

Part Detail

Bell Mouse Bell Mouth

This component is called a bell mouth, an air intake part of a gas-turbine engine. It is made of two semi-circle cast materials that form a large round shaped component.
Processing a bell mouth requires high precision machining technology, because a very important rotor bearing component is assembled to this part later.

Compressor Blade Compressor Blade JAT manufactures numbers of compressor blades and vanes of varying size and shape. This is a rotor blade of a compressor, located near to air intake of an engine.
High dimensional precision processing is critical, because its dimensional characteristics have a large impact on engine performance.
Vane Vane JAT manufactures numbers of compressor blades and vanes of varying size and shape. Vane is an aerofoil part for air-flow turning of a compressor.
Similar to a blade, manufacturing a vane requires high dimensional precision machining processes.
Disc Disc JAT manufactures both industrial gas turbine engine discs and aero-engine discs of various sizes.
High precision technology used in making discs includes NC machining, broaching and drilling processes.
In particular, the characteristic shape of blade mounting slots of a disc is made by broaching process.
Liner Assembly Liner Assembly

Liner assembly usually has a complex cylindrical shape with a lot of tiny holes on its surface.
Made of heat-resistant special alloys, a liner assembly constitutes an engine combustor and requires various processes including press forming, welding, laser cutting and finishing.

Exhaust Assembly Exhaust Assembly This is a relatively large exhaust gas outlet component made of two semi-circle cast materials. Once assembled, some may become several meters in height, weighing several tons.
Skills and experience in tooling set-up, jig or fixture design, welding and other processes have a great significance in processing a large component like this.
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