Production Process

Production Engineering Department
  • NC Program
  • Manufacturing Process/Standard Operation Procedure
  • Drawing Control
Quality Control Department
  • Quality Control Standard
  • Inspection Guideline
Production Department (Machining, NC) Hot Parts Production Department (Sheet Metal, Welding)
  • Challenging the Quality, Cost and Delivery Goals
  • Practical Training & Education
  • Process Technology
  • Improvement
  • In-house Certificates & National Qualifications (Technical Skill Tests)
Program Management Department
  • Order Received/
  • Production Control
  • Delivery
  • Procurement/
    Out-Sourcing Control
  • Schedule Coordination & Adjustment
  • First Article Inspection
  • Inspection Record & Retention
  • Initial Inspection
  • Traceability

Main Facilities

Machine Tools

Vertical Machining Center (MC)
5-Axis Vertical MC
Horizontal MC
5-Axis Horizontal MC
CNC Double Column MC
CNC Multi-Head MC
CNC Turning Machine
Jig Boring Machine
General-Purpose Lathe
General-Purpose Milling
Radial Drilling Machine
Vertical Broaching Machine

Press, Sheet Metal Facility

Hydraulic Press (Press & Hydro-Forming)
Universal Press
Shearing Machine
NC Pipe Bender
6-Axis Laser Cutting Machine
Spot Welder
Seam Welder
TIG Welder
MAG Welder

Inspection Facility

High-Speed CNC 3D Measuring Machine
Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection System


CATIA (V4, V5)
Unigraphics (NX3, 4, 5)
Mastercam (X3)

Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic Press

160 KN Vertical Broaching Machine
Vertical Broaching Machine


CNC 3D Measuring Machine
CNC 3D Measuring Machine

Quality System

JIS Q9001/9100

  Initial Certification Date: 22 August, 2005 Aerospace Quality Management System

Standard: JIS Q 9100:2016 and JIS Q 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015)
Scope: Production of Parts for Aircraft Engine and Aircraft Structure
Exclusion:7.3 Design and Development
Categories:17 Basic Metals and Fabricated Metal Products
21 Aerospace
Accredited by:Defense Structure Improvement Foundation
(BSK System Assessment Center)

Quality Management System
Standard: JIS Q 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015)
Production of Parts for Aircraft Engine and Aircraft Structure
Production of Parts for Industrial Gas Turbine Engine and Steam Turbine Engine
Production of Parts for Marine Engine
Exclusion:7.3 Design and Development
Categories: 17 Basics Metals and Fabricated Metal Products
18 Machinery and Equipment
21 Aerospace
22 Other Transport Equipment
Accredited by: Defense Structure Improvement Foundation
(BSK System Assessment Center)

Nadcap Special Process


Initial Certification Date:29 February, 2008

Requirement: AC7110 - Welding/Brazing
  AC7110/12 - Welder/Welding Operator Qualification
  AC7110/13 - Metallographic Evaluation of Welds
  AC7110/4 - Resistance Welding
  AC7110/5 - Fusion Welding

Scope:NonDestructive Testing

Initial Certification Date:3 July, 2012

Requirement: AC7114 - NonDestructive Testing
  AC7114/1 - Liquid Penetrant Inspection


Initial Certification Date:5 May, 2016

Requirement: AC7109 - Coatings
  AC7109/1 - Plasma Thermal Spray
  AC7109/5 - Coating Evaluations (Laboratory)
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