Our teamwork

Aesthetic, Technology, Safety, 3 elements leading to quality.

This department mainly manufactures parts for aerospace and industrial gas turbine engines. We have a full line of production, beginning with different types of NC machines like NC lathe machines or machining centers, as well as a finishing section done manually. Understanding the particularities of each machines or tools in order to be able to choose the most suitable for each process; the skills to achieve a high degree of precision in both machining and manual work; and implementation of safety techniques which is the highest priority of the company are all 3 important aspects daily implemented. But of course, there is some “tricks” on how to explain difficult scientific matter to others.
A harmonic communication which has overcome the seniors/juniors relationship is one of the valuable aspect within this department. All “tricks” included in the technical conversations are caught, and manualized.

Hot Parts
Production Dept.〈Special Process〉

Special work made in one-stop by a master craftsmanship.

This department main duty is to manufacture combustion chambers, or exhaust related parts with metal sheets for aerospace and industrial gas turbines. We are in charge of producing solid parts up to finishing by bending, drawing, welding, opening holes in thin metal sheets like special heat resistant alloy or stainless. In order to meet the dimensions accuracy, especially in special processes like welding, additionally to the level of proficiency of basic operation, the operator is expected to understand and grasp the process purpose as well as the part function from the documents.
In order to check his level of skill and proficiency, improve his knowledge and technique, and to increase his motivation, the operator aims to become a professional engineer by passing the National Technical Certificate. We can count now many metal sheet technicians and machining technicians in the company. Also regarding the welding operators, they are certified according to AWS D17 and their skills are tested periodically.

Engineering Dept.〈Process design / Jig design〉

The Conning Tower of engineering colaborates with the world.

This department is in charge of the manufacturing process design, design of jigs or tools, creation of NC program and control of the production processes and technical developments. Its particularity is that most of the engineers are employees having experience working as an operator. Another strength of the engineering department is that our company put a lot of consideration to this department early in the past, which helped develop high “individual” skills, and made our engineers able to deal with various types of field. Our company, that especially excels in small amount of production of many products, has to be able to deal with a large range of technical issues. This is why our management greatly affects the quality, cost and delivery date.

Quality Control Dept.〈Inspection / Quality Control〉

The last defense protecting the quality of the products.

Performance of various inspections and acceptance decisions during the production or on a finished product is the role of the quality control department. Even if there are differences depending on the part in the precision requirements, quality standards or contents, delivering to a customer a product having deviation in accuracy or standard is forbidden and unforgivable.
Required quality level is increasing every day, and in order to be able to respond to this increase, we are continuously strengthening our internal quality control system. Improvement of quality is a challenge that all our employees are continuously looking to achieve. By performing strict checks on all parts, improving the shop floors, restructuring the production system etc. , and with cross-department views and techniques, we are continuously aiming to reach 0 non-conformance.

Control Dept.〈Production Control / Marketing〉

Internal and external communication is the key.

The production control department is composed of the marketing section and the production control section.
The marketing section is in charge of making relations with customers, listening their needs, preparing quotation, taking care of the after service etc. As the window to external affairs, the marketing department performs outstandingly at the front line of the business. The important point here, is to understand correctly customers’ needs and/or requests, and communicate them to each concerned department and furthermore, being able to understand the company’s will and communicate it to the customers. The biggest reason customers are choosing us, is because of our high communication skills and our conventional results or high technology.
The production control section is in charge of the preparation of the production schedule, making sure that parts are correctly delivered to the customers, and coordinating the overall production. It is also responsible for the cost control, the selection of our suppliers, the production planning and for these reasons it is said to be involved in the overall production. This department is capable of offering great flexibility to the customers’ requests changes; and succeeding in delivering a part smoothly before the due time is one of the most enjoyable part of this section.