Management Basic Policy

1. Basic Stance

Our company bases its policy on Quality, which is the start of everything.
From here, we are always trying to develop a highly balanced production activity adding to the aforementioned, Cost and Delivery time (Q.C.D.). A combination of those three factors will allow us to achieve our mission: Delivering reliable products to our customers while guaranteeing safety.

2. Trust and Confidence

We are well aware that everything starts by earning the Trust and Confidence of our customers. We are always working hard on conserving this relation of mutual trust by getting under the skin of our customers. We also implement the 5S system, take great care of environment well-being and seek to become an appreciated industry in the community.

3. Factory Oriented

We are a manufacturing company, meaning that the factory is the base of it. The factory was organized to function effectively, and necessary resources are provided to galvanize the working place.

4. Management Strengthening

We aim to enhance our value by delivering high quality products to our customers. To be able to achieve that, we are implementing unmatched new technologies and training, and always seek to improve quality. Herewith, by boosting our profits we will provide returns to the employees, and consolidate the foundation of our management.

5. Transparency

We are structured based on communication, transparency and clarity. We evaluate every individual fairly and equitably and foster a corporation complying with the regulations.