Privacy Policy

Japan Air Tec Co., Ltd. respects your privacy. We are committed to ensure that your personal information is handled and managed properly according to this privacy policy.

Use of Personal Information

The intended use of personal information is stated on the corresponding web page where customers are expected to register it. We never use such information for purposes other than those stated. If the need arises to use your personal information beyond the extent necessary for achieving the initially stated purpose, we will notify you and obtain your permission before proceeding.

Management of Personal Information

We recognize the importance of personal information provided by our customers and handle this information with the greatest of respect and the strictest of confidentiality.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We will not provide any third party with your personal information without obtaining your prior consent unless otherwise required by relevant laws and regulations. We will immediately disclose, correct, stop using, or delete your personal information upon request in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.